Canoe Tripping. In my mind this encompasses taking a canoe from Point A to Point B. That includes down, up, over and across. Downstream is the popular mode and a paddle is the usual tool to move a canoe. Upstream frequently employs a 12′ pole applied to the river bottom, which is fixed, instead of applying the paddle to the water, which is flowing away from you. Portaging can be over a watershed divide, between lakes, or obstacles like waterfalls. This is either done by carrying or sometimes the use of a boat cart. Then there is sailing which can take you across some pretty big water with little effort. Mastering these four modes of travel means you can take a trip anywhere you want in your canoe.

These adventures are sort of Maine-centric, mostly because that is where I spend a lot of time. Maine is mostly a state of mind though, and you’ll notice that Eastern Quebec and New Brunswick are both annexed in the stories you’ll read here.